Team Status

Team Status

Hey guild!

Legion has been amazing. Everything is going really fast so I thought I would take a break this weekend and drop a quick status update to everyone. I feel like the website has been a little neglected so I will be putting some easy to read cliffs notes online later this weekend for Mythic Dungeons. We seem to have 5-30 people online at any given time with a 22 or so person average during the day. Most of the guild is working on their second or third 110 and the raid team is progressing smoothly. I think our mythic team should definitely have 840+ ilvl before raiding and that a 850 ilvl goal will be pretty easy to achieve before our first raid. Here is a quick census on the status of the guild. I may edit this post in the next week as I get more information on everyone.

Because of some unplanned changes to our comp, P-Loot is pretty much a certainty unless we find some way to tweak Our Comp.

the Demo Warlock is representing our Demon Hunter who is in the same tier.


Zulamplus – Prot Warrior – 845+, 3 relics, Arcway/COS unlocked
Codevivaldi – Blood DK – 845+, 3 relics, Arcway/COS unlocked


Gidounne – Holy/Disc Priest – 835+, 3 relics,
Jeah – Restoration Shaman – 845+, 3 relics,
Myrolar(Natsuko) – Holy Paladin – 845+, 3 relics, Arcway/COS unlocked
Zywrath – Restoration Druid – 835+, 3 relics, Arcway/COS unlocked

Melee DPS:

Mykungfu – Havoc DH – 845+, 3 relics, Arcway/COS unlocked
Lobotomy – Assassination Rogue – 840+, 3 relics
PacoTheMonk – Windwalker Monk – 845+, 3 relics,
Taurda – Windwalker Monk – 840+, 3 relics,
Jahmes – Arms/Fury Warrior – 845+, 3 relics,
JankTheTank – Arms/Fury Warrior – 830+, 2 relics,

Ranged DPS:

Fertzane – Shadow Priest – 835+, 3 relics,
FKAMyTits – Demonology/Destruction Warlock – 830+, 2 relics
MegaFish – Elemental Shaman – 840+, 3 relics, Arcway/COS unlocked
Fawlkes – Fire Mage – 840+, 3 relics,
Xbash – Marksman/BM Hunter – 845+, 3 relics, Arcway/COS unlocked


GDI – Marksman/BM Hunter – 830+, 2 relics
Jimmyfingers – Marksman/BM Hunter – 8?0+, ? relics
LanOfTheMalkier – Havoc DH – 835+, 2 relics
Doomz – Unholly Deathknight – ?
Autrocitrus – Frost Deathknight – 840+, 3 relics

We could be looking for:

Mage/Balance Druid-(Interviews are happening now!)

Hit me an in-game whisper if you need me to update any of that.


As you can see we are shaping up to be pretty awesome, with both our tanks clearing 2-3 of each mythic dungeon a week, we have a high rate completion for everyone in the guild. As off specs start to get in focus it would be nice if we can start getting groups forming without code or myself. Also getting caught up on sleep for both of us might be good. we will have 1-2 slots for mythic up for grabs still those will need to be ranged and not Prot tier.