State of the Guild MARCH


It has been awhile since I’ve written one of these! Discord has really allowed us to centralize so much communication we can finally confidently close down the website forums. This is has really been a solid upgrade for guild participation and gives our website admins a break in protecting all of our conversations from the dirty wife sellers on the internet.

Much has changed since my last post. We lost some of our mythic roster and gained many new players. Between Nightmare and Nighthold we took in nearly double of our original roster size. We have tried to keep our casual attitude towards each other in this process, while also keeping our standards we expected from our mythic roster. The resulting new team is shaping up nicely as we have begun to progress in mythic content, with our THIRD boss soon to fall.

One of our officers recently told me we are top ~7% and our next two kills will move us closer to 1% of all teams entering Mythic Nighthold. It is easy to use the world first race as a yardstick and find ones team short, so it is nice to find out you most everyone else does too. We will continue to have fun and push ourselves as we find the next more difficult challenge, as we always have.
I am very proud of all of us for making the transition form one tier to the next! that can be very stressful and easily damage a team beyond repair.

Of course most of you are aware but just encase. We have an entirely NEW RAID TEAM! With the influx of new players, and our guild friends who rarely got to play with us in mythic, have teamed up to provide new opportunities for the guild. I’ve asked Hobo* to help manage the new team, and he has agreed to take on the task. I have also tasked him with a very tough charge. To help make sure all of our friends have a place to raid when we can not fit them on our roster on the weekends, and to provide activity for new guild-mates to gear up and learn strategies. I know he has set that new teams sights at AOTC Guldan and they are making great progress in that regards.

The new team has its own schedule Tues/Thursday @9pm so that raiders whose schedules do not fit with our Weekend Progression team have a time to raid. Lets all try to support him in this goal and be forgiving as he tries to balance all the balls. It isn’t easy being responsible for 25+ peoples enjoyment every week, he will need help from everyone in the guild.

I really want to address some concerns going forward with the new team.

My largest concern is that it is very easy for two teams to evolve into two cultures. Ultimately this will put the teams at risk of going separate ways and there is only one way to combat this issue. LOVE. we have to love each other and love the things we do as a group. When five of you do something without me, I love knowing you are getting things done! and we all need to try hard to adopt this attitude.

Remember that everyone in the guild is your guild mate and that whatever they do, you had some part in. Even if it was just saying good morning occasionally. Maybe you start a guild group with people you don’t know. It may work out well or not. If 8 people want to do a keystone, break into two groups and try to enjoy the time we have together. Regardless of the circumstance, try to keep things upbeat and positive for everyone involved. Especially when playing with people you don’t know well.

I hope that everyone in the guild spends their free time in the guild discord, text or voice, when gaming. We can’t be working together as one guild, if we can’t communicate as one guild.  I also hope to see members cross pollinating on flex days. After all, that wont always be an option.

The Fertz have really tried to walk a fine line with our weekly roster, attempting to get as many players in to our raid days while we still have the choice to flex and I think this is the right choice. I  know we are stronger as a team because we have been playing with 25+ members every week and have more gear and experience to draw on when making our twenty person roster for mythic.

Lastly I want to remind members of the two teams to try and get along. It is easy to be insulted by or to insult people who you barely know. What is hard is including new people with old friends, and that goes many different directions. Currently in the guild we have many overlapping circles of friendship. We don’t have too all be best friends, but I do ask that we are all capable of getting along. I believe that we have started a great thing this tier, but I also see signs of each of these concerns already beginning to form, and we want to prevent any of these issues from coming to a head in the coming months.

It may be humbling, but try to recall that everyone has their own story. Consider how you impact it and try to make sure it is for the better.

Our raiders are among the best people I know, not because they can push their buttons or click their mouse, but because we all love to talk to each other so much. Lets keep the good times going and see 45 members raiding this tier.

Oh we also are working on a new website. want to help?

We need screen shots form the raids! of the raid teams, of the expansions.

We also need a better logo and type setting.


Ask me questions on these issues, or anything else, in-game, any time