New ranks and future raid schedule for legion

It is almost here!

Tomorrow afternoon Demon Hunters finally release and the Broken Shore invasion begins. While the DEVs have been getting ready to release a massive amount of new content, we have been looking at how things went for team Abstraction in WOD.

Our officer team has extensively talked about, analised and debate how we did in WOD. We are very proud to have raid at such a high level of progression while keeping on too our casual raiding roots. Though we feel like the guild of support the second raid team better and a number of policy choices got in the way of that goal. We also think we started the second raid team much too late in the expansion.

New Raid Schedule

For the first week raids are available we will raid any day our team is online. If it is after 6 pm server time and we have enough members online we will probably raid. Following that first week will return to our normally scheduled raids, Friday Saturday 8 pm to Midnight. As our principle raid team begins to push progression into farm, we will push that farm content into a 2nd raid team time slot. The new raids will take place mid week and will most likely Tuesday, Thursday 7 pm to 10 ish pm. As this process continues we are expecting to have the following raid schedule:
Tuesday-clearing Normal
Thursday-clearing Heroic
Friday/Saturday-clearing Mythic.

To help support these teams we are hoping to have our talented raiders join on alts and those character may progress through our rank system as unique players.

To compliment our new raid schedule we will have several changes to our rank system. Our officer rank will be dissolved and all current officer ranked players will be moved to Veteran rank. A new rank Elite Raider will be implemented. The Elite Raider rank will have all the qualities of our current Mythic Raider rank. The new rank will not be responsible to enter raids weekly, nor will the guild be guarantee a raid seat for players of that rank. This is not intended to be malicious, but to maintain a realistic accounting of which players are showing to raids. Only Mythic/Veteran+ raiders will have guaranteed raid seats. Please check out our About page for more information on all of our ranks.