First Week? First Page

First Week? First Page


Being on the weekend ranking can be really tough on us. We are forced to watch so many other guilds get their chance while we wait for our whole raid team to be online and ready to play. But this weekend we found our old stride and with some team work and a stubborn refusal to not fail. We manage to sneak out 4 boss kills, climbing back to the bottom of page one and claiming RANK 19 on the server. The Server has a lot of new names and they are all organized and hungry! as we all know come next week we will begin this fight again!

I thought you all might take some pride in some metrics:

  • On dragons our team ranked twice as much for execution as speed.
  • On Il’gynoth we had a world top 20% execution kill
  • And on Ursoc we were just as fast, as well organized.


Don’t forget next week mythic comes out, and we have to finish AOTC.