New Guild Attendance Policy

In WOD attendance became a real issue. We can blame Blizzard all we want but BLUE doesn’t control your schedule nor mine. At one point our weekend raid team had 20 mythic raiders, 5 bench players and 10 cross-realm friends. By the time we stopped raiding in WOD we had about 18 players showing up to the raid and spent an average of 2 hours a week recruiting. While the bosses we were fighting may be challenging, attendance became the larger issue. I believe that we had a failure as a community to convert our cross-realm friends into actual raiders. I believe this failure came from our 20 mythic raiders. These players had permanent saved seats and in the end simply stopped playing.

I do not regret keeping true to our original goals and culture but I also can not let us go another expansion to see the same result happen again. The fact is that we have missed a number of opportunities to recruit talented players, simply because we saved the raid seats for players who inevitably quit raiding on us. So in an effort to keep a finger on who is doing what. We are implementing an attendance policy. Its not complicated, but your rank will be demoted if you:
No show, or show up late to a scheduled raid three times during a raid tier
If you are late or no show for three weeks in a row for any reason

As always we are not out to get anyone, and special exception will be made for any actual crisis which comes up. We do not want any member of our community to pass up on work opportunities so please never choose this game over work! That being said we also need to keep a realistic accounting of whats going on in our raids. All of our members should show up to a raid 5 minutes early, with updated addons, and all necessary preparations for the raid.

We all hope that we do not need to demote players, however we want to be certain that we do not save raid seats for people who can not attend the raids. In the event that we do need to demote a Mythic Raider, they will become an Elite Raider. This new rank will have all the bank access and privileged of a Mythic Raider, but it will also allow us to keep a tab on how many Mythic Raiders we currently have. As we notice the Mythic Raider rank count is low, we can recruit players to fill that rank. If we do acquire a new recruit, the new player will join the guild at rank Raider, and work their way up too Elite Raid and potentially the Mythic Raider rank. This is not intended to be a punishment, but we need to be realistic about who is playing the game.

This change essentially says that if the guild is saving you a raid seat, we expect you to use it. We hope that this system will keep the game enjoyable for all our raiders and will continue to adjust the rules to keep true to our way of playing the game.