lets get WEADY TO WADE!

lets get WEADY TO WADE!


We have moved up our raid days. Tuesday 9/20 will be an exploratory run 8pm CST to sometime at night. Friday/Saturday – 9/23, will be our first raid nights. We are expecting to enter heroic immediately. Please be familiar with all of the bosses.

All Raiders should have one of three enchants:

We need all rare gems put into the guild bank, please keep your gem chips. All herbs put into the guild bank, especially starlight rose and all chaos crystals put into the bank. We must get our bank stable.

To save on resources and focus on pots, we want 300 stat food for all raiders.

Our goal is to get all dps with, flasks, pots, food and neck enchants for the first week. Please reserach carefully your needs and make sure the officers know what you need before the first week