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We are a weekend raiding guild that is a little more than two years old. Our guild primarily focuses on PvE content in World of Warcraft: Legion. More than a guild we consider ourselves to be a community of gamers and we also focus on many other games, particularly PC games. Some games we also play include: Overwatch, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and pretty much everything you can imagine from Steam.

On this website you can find also sorts of information from daily gaming news to what the guild members favorite dinner recipes. Please explore and have fun, Thank you for visiting.

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Dragon’s Dead! no video :( Learn Il’g

CALLING ALL ECO-SEXUALS! Il’gynoth the Flesh Light of Corruption is lonely and looking for someone to whisper too. Friday 20 person party to commence ASAP. Please dress appropriately.

Mythic Ursoc Down

Oh Yeah this hairy dude is dead! Jaime got this uploaded over the weekend but must of forgot to post it on the page! We are still looking at music for Nyth and Renferal videos.


Having begun the mythic race we should start looking at our roster and locking down our raid team. We have several members who are willing to jump in and out to help keep the roster easier to manage, but we still have a good uphill battle a head of us keeping everyone mythic ready. Our roster has 24 related players at the moment but when it comes to attendance or being mythic ready we are looking at more like 17 players who are ready to be locked into a raid seat.

Heroic Xavius

Our first kill video of Heroic Xavius, originally killed on 10/7/16.

Heroic Cenarius

Our first kill video of Heroic Cenarius, originally killed on 10/1/16.

State of the Guild October 2016

Guild- The state of our community is stronger then ever. We have a dozen people working every week to keep us with flasks and pots. Please consult Fawlkes or Zywrath if you would like to help the participate in the effort. As they have both lead the charge in keeping us ready to raid. Lobotomy will be your point of contact if you would like a Vantus Rune for a particular fight. As always we need endless quantities of herbs in the bank. Last week our ailvl raised a little above 7 points and our team is now 856. For the first two weeks of raiding we have all worked very hard in Emerald Nightmare. Despite having busy alter ego’s ...

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  • Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Final Postcard, Winners! December 4, 2016
    Too soon?What can I say, there were a lot of great entries for this week’s ‘Shop Contest, but I’ve had Final Fantasy VII on the mind and Lionheart227's entry hit me just right.It’s been a long journey for Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto; one that’s taken them to many strange places, including the burial ceremony […]
    Ethan Gach
  • Sources: Bruce Straley Not Directing The Last of Us 2 December 4, 2016
    Bruce Straley, who co-directed The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, will not have the same role on The Last of Us 2, sources tell Kotaku. His longtime creative partner Neil Druckmann is directing the game.Official word at the studio, sources say, is that Straley is on a yearlong sabbatical. Sony and Naughty Dog did […]
    Jason Schreier
  • Kojima Is Using The Horizon Zero Dawn Engine To Do Creepy Stuff In Death Stranding December 3, 2016
    Kojima Productions is using the same engine as Horizon Zero Dawn to make Death Stranding. Guerrilla Games’ new Decima Engine is apparently a perfect fit for the designer’s intense attention to detail.Kojima revealed the news during a panel discussion of the upcoming game at PSX. He was joined on stage by Mark Cerny and Managing […]
    Ethan Gach
  • Cool Games You May Have Missed From The PSX Keynote December 3, 2016
    Today’s PlayStation Experience showcase was packed full of people talking and images flickering by so quickly you could be forgiven for missing half of the games that got some love on the big stage.Some of them, like Pyre, we already knew a fair amount about, but others, like Nex Machina, are completely new. Below is […]
    Ethan Gach

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